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What Makes This Backpack Bulletproof?

These backpacks can contain bulletproof armor

You can add up to two bulletproof armor panels for maximum protection

Backpack to Bulletproof in 5 Seconds

Doubles As A Bulletproof Vest

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12 Month Guarantee

Designed & Patented By First Responders

Protection You Can Leave Home With

Every year, there are hundreds of active shootings

The Leatherback Gear backpack is a well designed, highly functional sophisticated everyday backpack. The hidden armor panels and separation zipper allows the wearer to transform the backpack in seconds into a full torso ballistic protection device. The ballistic rating of our armor allows the wearer to stop up to a .44 magnum round. However, the user can customize their level of ballistic stopping power by adding contents to their backpacks: e.g., laptop, tablets, textbooks/books, etc.

We want you to survive the next

The Leatherback Gear backpack can be worn like a bulletproof vest protecting your front and back in the event of an emergency.

Life Saving Protection Starting at $129.99

Civilian One Backpack

Everyday style and protection

Civilian One - Black


Civilian One - Wolf Gray


Tactical One Backpack

This backpack will handle a camping trip, a deployment or a walk around town.

Tactical One - Black


Tactical One - Wolf Gray


Tactical One - Coyote Tan


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Peace of mind...

"My wife and I have more piece of mind that if there’s an active shooter in our son’s school that he has a better chance of making it out alive."

Steve from Seattle

Your Leatherback Gear questions, answered.

Below is a list of our commonly asked questions. If you have a question that we didn't address, please contact us at

Is Leatherback Gear made in the USA?
Can I travel on the plane with my backpack?
What is the lifespan of a bulletproof (or soft armor) panel?