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Armored Backpacks

Designed By Law Enforcement Officers.
Built To Save Lives.


Converts Into A Bulletproof Vest Within Seconds

Simply unzip your backpack using our patented separation zipper to quickly get front and back protection.

Bulletproof Protection

How does it protect me?

All Leatherback Gear backpacks come with two bulletproof panels inside to give you front and back protection.

Our bulletproof panels are rated for a level IIIA threat which is the ballistic standard of resistance used in the USA and most of the world.

Designed To Protect
You Against

  • *Handgun rounds up to a .44 magnum
  • *9mm submachine gun rounds
  • *12 gauge shotgun slugs

Converts into a bulletproof vest
within seconds
to protect your front and back


Leatherback Gear vs Other Brands


Have some questions? Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions below to see if we have your answer.

QIs Leatherback Gear made in the USA?
All Leatherback Gear is designed and engineered within the United States of America and always will be! Our armor is manufactured in Southern California while our backpacks are manufactured by one of our select supply partners around the world. However, they are fully assembled here in Southern California to meet our rigorous standards for quality and performance.
QHow does Leatherback Gear ensure that each product meets its high standard of quality?
When selecting a manufacturing location, we ensure the facility meets all of Leatherback Gear's rigorous and uncompromising standards that allow us to achieve the highest possible level of quality. We consistently monitor production and regularly test components to ensure products made in the facility continue to earn the right to bear the Leatherback Gear icon. If it's not good enough for our standards we won't risk your safety with it. That goes for each and every product we make, no matter where we make it.
QWhat makes the backpack bulletproof?
The bullet stopping power and protection provided from the backpack is due to the two (2) level IIIA soft armor panel inserts located in the hidden internal soft armor panel insert pockets, that when the backpack is deployed and worn as a protective vest protects both you back and your front.
QWhat does the NIJ Level IIIA Rating of body armor mean?
The soft body armor panel inserts in your Leatherback Gear bulletproof backpack are made of Polyethylene and are NIJ (National Institute of Justice) rated for a Level IIIA threat. This Level IIIA rating is the ballistic standard of resistance used in the United States and most of the world. Body armor becomes NIJ rated when it passes a strict set of guidelines at a NIJ certified 3rd party ballistic laboratory.
To be rated level IIIA, armor must protect the wearer from handgun rounds up to a .44 magnum (bullet with a mass of 240 grains and a velocity of 1340 ft./s), including 9mm submachine gun rounds, and even 12-gauge shotgun slugs. Please note that we private label our armor panels so our name Leatherback Gear is not listed through NIJ website as the certificates belong to our manufacturer.
QWill this stop a rifle bullet?
While we do not state that our backpacks will stop rifle rounds due to the NIJ Level 111A standards and certification, keep in mind that when it comes to stopping any bullet, things like time and distance become very important at any level. Tactical Rifleman, the social media consumer advocacy group for testing all things tactical, recently completed an independent, third party evaluation on Leatherback Gear Backpacks which is live on YouTube ( - our backpacks stopped 9mm, .45, 5.56 and 7.62 rifle rounds! A video worth watching! Also, if you carry a laptop, a textbook or textbooks, etc. in your backpack you are in effect customizing the stopping power to assist the armor panels we include to be more much more is unknown to us because everyone carries different items in their backpacks. We also do not know where you will carry different items that could end up on your chest or your back and help supplement the armor we've included in your specific order.
QIs this backpack TSA approved?
While TSA does not officially endorse or recommend products, please be aware that TSA does approve body armor for both carry-on bags or checked bags as indicated on their official website, link provided: ( Our customers have traveled with our backpack with soft body armor through various major domestic and international airport TSA security screening stations without incidence.
QWill the backpack hold a 17" laptop?
Yes, the TACTICAL ONE, CIVILIAN ONE & SPORT ONE backpack styles are all designed to hold a 17” laptop. A few of our team carry Mac 17” laptops. The SPORT ONE JR backpack, a smaller designed backpack for children, WILL NOT hold a 17" laptop.
QDo you have a backpack for children?
Yes. The SPORT ONE JR backpack is specifically designed for early-teenager and younger bodies. The SPORT ONE JR holds two 9" x 12" ballistic armor panel inserts offering the same front and back level IIIA protection. The new SPORT ONE JR backpack is available in both the "Black" and "Heather Gray" colors.
QDo you have payment plans for purchasing a backpack?
Yes we do offer a payment plan! Choose the style and color of the backpack you'd like, then go through the shopping cart checkout process and enter your shipping info. When you get to the payment section, select the option for "Sezzle" which gives you a 0% interest installment payment plan.